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"Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Sicko-killer decides to target people in a gun-free zone.

Luckily, in this case, many lives were saved, because of the “good guy with a gun.” You know, the concept the anti-gun people love to mock.

An armed citizen, a doctor no less, a person whose life is dedicated to saving lives, has a gun even though it’s supposed to be a gun free zone. In this case, his courage to have it, and use it, saved lives as surely as if he’d helped someone on the operating table.

Of course, when an armed citizen stops the killer and saves lives, the media doesn’t want to emphasize what happened. They just want to splash another “shooting” headline across their news feed, and if there aren’t enough bodies to really exploit, they lose interest.

Armed citizens save lives. Gun free zones do no good, and they are the prime place to attract psychopathic killers, putting everyone in that area at risk. What part of this don’t the anti-gun forces understand? - Metal Law”

(from Facebook)

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